The safety of our children is our number one priority. Independent School District #535 (ISD#535) Transportation Department provides bus services for both public and private schools in the city of Rochester.

Families living more than 1.25 miles from school for kindergarten through grade 5, 1.5 miles for grades 6 through 8, and 2 miles for grades 9-12 or inside the Rochester city limits have their bus transportation paid through ISD#535. Bus boundaries  are  established  through ISD#535. (These guidelines are subject to change through ISD#535).

If you would like to receive important notifications from the ISD#535 Transportation Department (including notification of potential changes to stop times and stop locations), find out what school district your family is in for bussing or review the location of your bus stop, click here.

Concerns or questions should be directed to ISD#535.

Jeff Kappers  
ISD#535 Transportation Manager
(507) 328-4260