How can I make tuition more affordable for my family?

It is our desire that every child be given the opportunity for a quality Catholic education. Rochester Catholic Schools (RCS) is pleased to offer a variety of financial support options to our families.

Financial Assistance

Rochester Catholic Parish Tuition Grant

Your child(ren)’s tuition may be reduced by a parish tuition grant. This grant is only available for students in kindergarten through grade 12 who are registered members of one of the parishes listed below. To apply, please click here to download application. Please complete and return it to your parish office as soon as possible. 

Upon application and approval by your pastor, the parish grant in the amount of $1,250 will be applied to your tuition statement. 

  • Church of the Resurrection
  • Church of St. John the Evangelist
  • Church of St. Pius X
  • Holy Spirit Catholic Church
  • Pax Christi Catholic Church
  • St. Francis of Assisi Church
  • St. Bernard's Catholic Church
  • St Bridget's Catholic Church                
A Tuition Grant Application must be completed and returned to your parish each school year.

Financial Aid (FAIR)

Rochester Catholic Schools (RCS) uses FAIR (Financial Aid Independent Review) to allocate funds and determine the amount of aid to be awarded to qualifying students through an objective, impartial, and equitable process. FAIR is a nationally recognized leader in confidential objective financial aid assessments for private and parochial schools. All RCS students/families are eligible to apply to financial aid regardless of grade level or faith tradition. 

When Should I Apply?
The FAIR application does not open until February 1. For current families to be considered for financial aid the deadline for the next school year is mid-March. Financial aid applications are processed throughout the entire school year for new families. A family must submit current federal tax returns with their application.

How Do I Apply?
Families can apply online at The following information is needed to apply online:
• School Code:  150
• Password:  rcs150 
• A valid email address
• Credit card  (Visa or Mastercard)
• Copy of 2016 Income Tax return

For returning users email and password from previous years are still active. If assistance is needed with the processing fee please contact Rochester Catholic Schools Business Office at (507) 289-1702 or email

Paper applications are available upon request by contacting the Rochester Catholic Schools Business Office at (507) 289-1702 or email at

How Do I Know if I Receive Financial Aid?
Families will receive a letter from the Rochester Catholic Schools Business Office in mid-May indicating whether or not they have been considered eligible for financial aid. The amount of a family's award is indicated on their SMART Tuition Annual Statement (received no later than June 5).

Tuition Information Contact
June Barnick
Business Manager/Accountant
(507) 289-1702


RCS Scrip is an easy program used to reduce tuition costs by offering rebates from stores and restaurants you are already visiting. 

RCS has partnered with Great Lakes Scrip Center to enhance our current Scrip Program by offering a user-friendly, online Scrip program, You will still be able to purchase Scrip to all of the same vendors, but now you have access to over 700 vendors!

With this new partnership comes a restructuring of the rebate schedule. After registering with, instead of a flat 3% rebate, you will receive 75% of whatever the rebate is from each vendor!

For more information and to
register, please visit

Seeds of Faith

Application Deadline: May 12, 2017

The Catholic Foundation of Southern MN is pleased to once again offer financial support from the Seeds of Faith Catholic School Tuition Assistance Endowment for the 2017-2018 school year. The Seeds of Faith scholarships are need-based and these funds are available to families who wish to have their students attend Catholic schools, but have limited income and work opportunities. This is not an academic scholarship fund.

To apply for a Seeds of Faith Scholarship:

  1. Request an application by contacting the Rochester Catholic Schools Business Office at or calling (507) 289-1702.
  2. Provide all required documentation. A checklist of accompanying paperwork is listed on the last page of the application.
  3. Submit completed application by May 12, 2017 to your church pastor.

In late June the Catholic Foundation of Southern MN will inform recipients of the grant committee’s decision.

Enrollment Incentive Programs

Participating in the below incentive programs will in no way hinder your eligibility to receive financial assistance, but in fact will support you above and beyond the financial assistance you may already be receiving (Rochester Catholic Parish Tuition Grant, FAIR awards, SCRIP)

Loyalty Grant

This grant will be offered to RCS 8th grade families whose students will be enrolling in 9th grade at Lourdes High School.

Freshman Year:    $1,000 offered off of tuition per student
Sophomore Year:  $500 offered off of tuition per student

Click here to apply for the RCS Loyalty Grant.

RCS Enrollment Referral Award

The purpose of the RCS Enrollment Referral Award is to show gratitude to RCS constituents as they help to broaden our educational mission through direct testimonials to prospective new families.

This grant will be offered to any person - RCS staff, parents, alumni, parish employees, parishioners, etc. -  recognized as the referring party by a newly enrolled RCS family. This grant is intended to incentivize and energize our greatest marketing method - word of mouth - and our most impactful marketers - our own stakeholders.

2015-2017: $500 per family referred (student(s) must be actively enrolled for forty-five school days)

Beginning July 1, 2017, the RCS Enrollment Referral Award will be awarded at $250 per enrolled student.*

*Referral Award is applicable on a per student basis after 45 days of active enrollment.