Business & Technology

The Lourdes High School Business and Technology Department offers courses that prepare students for university level business majors and/or majors that have a business element as part of their overall curriculum. In addition, the Business and Technology Department offers courses to prepare students to be knowledgeable in personal finances and technologically literate.  Business and technology courses build an academic foundation for critical thinking, community collaboration, practical engagement, and future success in a business/media driven culture.

Business Department Curriculum Summary
Throughout all business courses offered at Lourdes High School, students participate both inside and outside the classroom receiving instruction in academic business theory as well as participating in "real world" experiences with local business professionals. Students engage in active learning using technology, team activities, researching, presenting, debating, and interacting with community leaders. Personal Finance courses focus on the students' current life as well as their financial future. Business Symposium courses introduce students to the many facets of the business world including entrepreneurship.  Business Law provides an introduction to United States legal matters. Technology for the 21st Century guides learners through current practical applications of technology, preparing them for a world in which these skills are paramount for personal and career success.

Business Department

Mrs. Mary Kelsey