Social Studies

The Lourdes High School (LHS) Social Studies Department is designed to help students understand human interactions past and present which have shaped and influenced our world. Implementing a variety of history, geography, economics, political science, and behavioral studies, our students come to a place of discovery and understanding of the world. In developing their critical analysis skills, students discover how to create and implement processes which can make their world a better place.

Social Studies Curriculum Summary
The Social Studies Department at Lourdes High School offers our students a robust course sequence including World History, Human Geography, United States History, Government, Economics, and Psychology and Sociology electives. Our comprehensive coursework is both rigorous and relevant. For an added challenge, students have the option of three Advanced Placement (AP) courses in social studies: AP Psychology, AP United States History, and AP Human Geography.

Social Studies Department

Ms. Elizabeth Adams 
Department Chair
AP Human Geography, U.S. History, Government

Mr. Eric Klingsporn 
Psychology, AP Psychology, Economics

Mr. Chris Merrigan
World History, U.S. History, AP U.S. History

Mr. Riley Sinn 

World History, Human Geography, Sociology