Academic Counseling Services

The Lourdes High School Counseling and Guidance Office provides direct and indirect services to meet the academic, career, personal and social needs of all students. These services help students develop academic goals, construct relevant course schedules, and work through the challenges that may interfere with their academic or social success. As students meet with counselors individually, they are guided in course selection and the interpretation of their test scores. Additionally, students are taught the necessary skills to make effective decisions for future success. 

Direct Services

Direct services are provided through “one-on-one” student/counselor interaction and implemented through classroom instruction, individual planning, and responsive services.

Classroom Instruction/Individual Planning Core Curriculum
The guidance and counseling curriculum is delivered to all grade levels via guidance classes which meet once every 10-day cycle.  These guidance classes help students create strong relationships with their peers, teachers, families and guidance counselors. The curriculum focuses on social-emotional health, career and vocation discernment, and academic development. Students attend class meetings once a cycle during which the focus is on relationship building, recognizing anti-bullying conduct, developing respectful behavior, and empathy.

LHS counseling Direct Services by grade level:

  • Grade 9 - Topics include study skills, test-taking, goal setting, cyber safety, suicide prevention, chemical use prevention, course planning, career interest inventory and post-secondary planning.  All students take the ACT Aspire test to help them prepare for taking the ACT.
  • Grade 10 - Students further develop their skills.  It is in this grade level that student portfolios begin to take shape. All students participate in the ACT Aspire test.
  • Grade 11 - Students have the opportunity to enroll in the Optional Test prep course in which they begin delving into the process of college planning. Students become familiar with tools available for test prep, choosing a college and discerning a major. Students are encouraged to begin meeting with college reps, begin college visits, and sign up for college entrance tests. Students take the PSAT test in the fall and are encouraged to take the ACT test in the winter/spring.
  • Grade 12 - Students utilize the resources and tools they have developed in prior grade levels. As seniors at LHS, students will apply this knowledge to create a college resume, complete college applications, and prepare appropriate essays.

Responsive Services
Designed to help students resolve academic, career, and personal/social issues and are delivered through such strategies as:

Counseling - Lourdes High School counselors will assist students in individual and/or small-group settings to help them overcome issues which could impede their achievement or success. The counseling process assists in identifying problems, causes, alternatives and possible consequences so one can make decisions and take appropriate action. High school counseling is short-term in nature. School counselors do not provide therapy or long-term counseling support. Counselors are prepared to recognize and respond to student mental health crises until the student is connected to the appropriate resources. Counselors then work with the student’s therapeutic resource to provide support for success in the school environment.

Crisis Response - Lourdes High School counselors provide support and assistance to students as they navigate critical and emergency situations. The response  possibilities include intervention and follow-up to immediate needs with the goal of preventing a situation from becoming more severe. Counselors will refer students to other agencies who need additional support.

Indirect Services

Indirect services are provided by involving other responsible adults into the students counseling needs including parents, teachers, administrators, school staff, diocesan employees and Rochester community members. Indirect Services include:

  • Referrals - students and their parents may be directed to other resources for additional assistance, which may include academic support, career/college planning resources or mental health support.
  • Consultation - counselors share strategies to support student achievement with parents, teachers, and other educators within the school building. With written permission they will consult with outside agencies, medical facilities, and academic institutions. 
  • Collaboration – LHS counselors work with other educators, parents and community to support student achievement through teaming, committee work, parent events and staff development.