College Scholarships

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 *Scholarships listed in italics below are no longer accepting applications as the deadline has passed.  

Individual Scholarships Amount Due Date  Application
Shannon O'Hara Memorial Scholarship  $2000  01/10/17  Click here 
American Legion Auxiliary Dept of MN  $1000 03/05/17 Click here
Minnesota Legion Foundation Scholarship  $500 03/16/17 Click here
American Legion Americanism Scholarship  varies 03/16/17 Click here
American Legion Auxiliary Unit 92  $500 03/31/17   Click here
Mn Women's Golf Association Scholarship  $3000  03/31/17 Click here 
Fraternal Order of Eagles  varies 04/01/17 Click here
Exchange Club of Rochester $1000     04/12/17 Click here
People's Energy Cooperative  $500  04/14/17  Click here 
University of Wisconsin - Madison   varies  04/15/17  Click here  
Kiwanis of Rochester Scholarship  $750  04/20/17  Click here 
Anne Haddad Scholarship  varies 04/30/17 Click here
Daniel Paulson Scholarship  varies  04/30/17 Click here
Irene H & Dr. Lloyd Williams Scholarship  varies 04/30/17 Click here
Express Personnel Scholarship  varies 04/30/17  Click here
MN Athletes in Sports Medicine Scholarship  $2500 05/08/17  Click here 
 Aging Matters Scholarship $1500  05/15/17  Click here 
B. Davis Scholarship  $1000 05/22/17 Click here
Aspiring Animation Professional $1000 06/01/17 Click here
Aspiring Business Professional $1000     06/01/17 Click here
Abbott & Fenner Scholarship  $1000  06/12/17  Click here 
Show and Tell Scholarship $1000  07/31/17  Click here 
Emotional Support Animal Co. Scholarship  $500  11/01/17  Click here 
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American Legion - multiple scholarships  varies   varies  Click here