Policies & Procedures

Library Mission

The mission of the Lourdes High School Library is to cultivate a friendly and helpful environment that assists in providing resources and opportunities that foster effective ideas and lifelong learning skills for students and staff.

  • The library is to be an integral resource for class assignments, striving to support and enhance educational goals as outlined in the school’s curriculum.
  • The library provides literary guidance and advice to students in their academic endeavors, offering access to local, regional, national, and global resources that work to expose learners to diverse ideas, experiences and opinions.
  • The library promotes the ethical use of information and intellectual property through education and academic honesty.
  • The library examines current technological advancements and regularly incorporates appropriate “cutting edge” innovations into the library program as well as Lourdes High School as a whole.
  • The library is an ideal place for recreational reading as well as a "launching pad” for promoting reading and library services to the entire Lourdes High School community in various formats.

Library Etiquette

The Lourdes Library offers students an open and welcoming resource throughout the day, encouraging a continual flow of activity to maximize utilization of our resources. To help achieve this goal of accessibility, special passes to utilize the library are not required. However, the following behaviors are required for the well-being of all library patrons:

  • All in-library activities should be done quietly and independently
  • Students in the library are expected to be seated for the entire mod – no leaving/lining up early
  • To protect our valuable resources, no food or beverages are allowed into the library
  • Out of respect, please do not sit on or put feet on tables
  • Polite and courteous behavior is expected at all times

Checkout Policies

  • All students must present their LHS student ID card in order to check out materials.
  • Materials are lent out for a period of four weeks with some exceptions (check with the librarian for exceptions policy) and may be renewed if additional time is necessary.
  • Patrons will be charged a fee of $.10 per day for any materials coming in after the due date. (NOTE: if a student has outstanding fines of $1.00 or more, they will not be allowed to check out additional materials)
  • If borrowed material is lost, the patron will be charged the cost of the material.