Lourdes High School is committed to providing students with technologically rich and academically engaging learning environments. LHS has adopted a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) program to empower students with the use of mobile technology. Students choose which personal learning device best meets their needs. Whether it is a PC laptop, MacBook or Chromebook, the device option is given to students and their families. Students are able to use their personal learning devices during class time under teacher direction. Our teachers use the personal learning devices to engage, challenge, and extend learning. For example, teachers may use it for online discussions, evaluating student understanding through formative assessments, or for authentic, real-world applications. Students can also use personal learning devices in open mods for studying or homework completion. 

In addition, three traditional computer labs serve students with up-to-date hardware and software for more traditional technology experiences.  Our two engineering labs specialize in computer-aided design (CAD), engineering and robotics software and for our biomedical science course, while our general purpose PC lab fills other student needs. We also have a mobile laptop lab which teachers can reserve as needed. Lourdes High School uses Google Classroom and a secure, interactive learning management system called Moodle where teachers share course information with students. 

The World Language Department offers students at Lourdes a learning experience beyond the classroom. The language lab is a separate space where students are able to practice their language skills in a variety of ways. The environment includes carrels with individual computers with headphones and microphones so students are able to practice their audio, oral, and writing skills through the use of technology. The language lab class schedule also provides smaller class size for this experience which allows for more individual attention to each student.