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Lourdes High School Receives “2015 Best Community for Music Education Award!”

Lourdes High School was recently recognized as one of 120 schools across the nation for its strong advocacy and support for Music Education!


Educating the whole child is a central tenet of Rochester Catholic Schools, and the importance of the arts is prominent at Lourdes High School. Our mission is to offer our students a comprehensive music education. 

Involvement in music classes provides avenues and opportunities for artistic expression and the discovery of hidden talents while promoting self-confidence, individual growth and leadership among our youth. Our music students benefit from a strong sense of community while learning valuable life lessons in teamwork and leadership.

We structure the band and choir’s activities to serve our school, our community, and our music education curriculum. The rewards of membership in the Lourdes High School Music Department are memorable and fun experiences, a large group of fellow musicians and friends, opportunities for significant personal and musical growth, and pride of membership in a department committed to excellence. At LHS music is fun!

Music Curriculum Summary
Our music curriculum includes opportunities for Choir, Concert Band, Marching Band, and Pep Band. Small ensembles include Hi-Lighters (jazz band), Center Street Singers (vocal jazz), Color Guard, Winter Drumline, and Jazz Combos. Classes taught within the department include Jazz Lab class and a Music Mentorship course that prepares students for first-year music history and theory courses in college.

Lourdes High School Music curriculum.

Music Opportunities


Concert Band:

Jazz Band - Hi-Lighters:
Our LHS jazz and improvisational instrumental ensemble, the Hi-Lighters performs both locally and regionally. The Hi-Lighters is an audition only ensemble with auditions held in the fall. Once the group is established for the year, our jazz musicians gather weekly for practice. The Hi- Lighters perform at galas, conferences, concerts, schools, competitions, jazz festivals and other venues to the delight of a wide variety of audiences. Be a part of dynamic musical ensemble which routinely receives enthusiastic response!

Jazz Combo:
Jazz Combo is a non-audition Jazz Group welcoming all instruments and skill levels. In Jazz combo, students:

  • Understand the basic fundamental elements of jazz music including melody and rhythm.
  • Participate in processes associated with jazz music including listening, performing, notating, analyzing, and creating (improvisation).
  • Enhance comprehension of jazz historical musical genres
  • Read and interpret jazz music at an intermediate level.

Jazz Lab:
Marching Band:
Music Mentorship:
Pep Band:
Percussion Ensemble:
Pit Orchestra:
Solo and Ensemble Contests:

Winter Drumline:
Winter Drum line is a competitive indoor percussion ensemble that is open to students through audition. This ensemble incorporates the elements of musicality, marching, and theater into its performances. The drum line season includes local, regional, and national shows. Catch the beat! Come join us!

Color Guard:
The use of flags, as well as dance and movement, is part of the exciting experience of Color Guard. This group performs with the competitive marching band during the fall season. The Color Guard is a vital visual representation of the music and drill team. One exciting dimension of Color Guard is the costumes utilized by members to add dramatic effect to the “storytelling” aspect of the overall presentation. These costumes are designed to fit the theme/era of the music being presented. Color guard strives to connect our audience musically, physically, emotionally, and visually to the sights and sounds on the field.

Winter Guard:
Winter guard is a competitive marching activity similar yet separate from the LHS Marching Band Color Guard. In Winter Guard, students perform choreographed steps with flags, rifles, sabers, and air blades giving music participants an exciting platform on which to perform.

The LHS Winter Guard performs at events such as basketball games and Winter Guard competitions. The season runs from December-April. No audition is necessary and LHS Winter Guard is open to RCS students in grades 7-12.
The LHS Winter Guard is an excellent opportunity for making new friends and developing new skills. We welcome all current LHS music students to join winter guard as it helps prepare you with experience for your other musical endeavors such as the color guard section of marching band.


For additional information about extra-curricular music opportunities, please visit our activities page.


Concert Choir:

Solo and Ensemble Contests:

Center Street Singers:
The Center Street Singers is a mixed vocal ensemble of students in grades 9 - 12 who perform many genres of music. From vocal jazz to pop a cappella … no musical genre is beyond consideration for performance. Auditions take place in the fall, with rehearsals on Tuesdays and Fridays after school. A particularly exciting aspect of Center Street Singers is that in addition to performing for school events, our singers are often sought out to perform for the greater Rochester community. This opportunity offers great exposure to LHS individual and group vocalists, while also providing a service to our civic community.

Liturgical Choir:
The Lourdes Liturgical choir seeks to inspire and empower the community into full participation in the the ritual and music of the Celebration of the Liturgy.

It provides the students the opportunity to share their gifts of vocal talent by making a “joyful noise to the Lord” in a dynamic group setting. In addition to strengthening one’s voice and learning musical concepts, the Liturgical Choir is given the opportunity to share its music ministry for our school Masses, prayer services, and other spiritual events making it not only artistic endeavor, but also one of servant leadership to assist the assembly of believers to express and share their faith. Students who are interested in joining Liturgical Choir are encouraged to sign up during the Campus Ministry Open House which is held at the beginning of the school year. Students can also join Liturgical Choir anytime during the year by seeking out the Campus Minister or Liturgical Choir student director. Campus Ministry/ Liturgical Choir is a yearlong commitment, and offers students to celebrate the wonder of God in our midst, through the grace of their music ministry leadership. Liturgical choir empowers youth to take on leadership roles to share their vocal and instrumental talent and gifts for the Lourdes community.

The Lourdes Liturgical Choir meets on Thursday mornings at 7:15 am - 7:45 am and before every bi-monthly all school Liturgy.

Lourdes Liturgical Choir is under the direction of the Director of Campus Ministry







For additional information about extra-curricular choral opportunities, please visit our activities page.

Music Department

Mrs. Brynn Llewellyn-Boyd
Director of Choral

Ms. Meagan Britain
Director of Choral (Long Term Substitute)
Mr. Lee Krueger    
RCS Percussion  
Grades 5-12

Mr. Zach Sander
Director of Bands