Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Lourdes High School (LHS) maintains and promotes growth through creative expression in many forms - painting, drawing, design, ceramics, and sculpture. Starting with introductory level courses and progressing to Advanced Placement (AP) courses for those wishing to pursue an undergraduate degree in visual arts. Our goal is to cultivate and advance the understanding and vitality that visual arts plays in our school and community.

Visual Arts Curriculum
Students at LHS have every opportunity to express themselves through a variety of different media including, ceramics, photography, painting, drawing, and many more. While developing their skills in each medium, students learn how to apply the elements and principles of art and design to their work through sketchbooks assignments, group critiques, and their artist statements. At Lourdes High School, students who have an interest in visual arts can continue their creative expression through after school activities such as Art Club. Throughout the school year students have the opportunity to feature their work in many exhibitions within the Rochester community.

Lourdes High School Visual Arts curriculum courses.

Art Department

Janelle Forsthoffer
Visual Arts

Megan Moriarty
Visual Arts