Policies & Procedures

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Reporting Absences

A parent or guardian must report by the start of the school day any student who will not be in school for any reason. Please call the office by 7:30 a.m.

Appointment Procedure
Students who need to leave the building for an appointment should do so during open mods. The student must bring a parental permission note to the front office before the start of school to receive an excuse form. The note should state the date, time and if the student will be returning to school. Students entering and leaving school must sign the clipboard in the front office, present the pass when leaving, and depart through the front doors of the building.

Messages for Students
If messages are left for students, they are called to the office at the end of the school day. Messages will not be delivered to students during the school day with the exception of emergencies.

Attendance Policy for School Masses and Assemblies
Lourdes High School, as a Catholic school community of faith, holds the celebration of the liturgy to be the central expression of our faith. When families choose Lourdes, they choose not only a non-public school, but a non-public Catholic school, a community of faith. The central expression of that faith is the celebration of Mass. All students, regardless of religious tradition, are expected to attend all liturgical celebrations. The level of participation may be different for different people. However, everyone who is a member of Lourdes is expected to participate with his or her reverent presence. Every “All School” gathering should be attended by everyone in the community. These include Masses, assemblies, convocations, etc. These are all integral activities to the education of our students.

Student Health Forms & Information

Dress Code