On behalf of the Lourdes High School community, welcome to our website. We hold a proud tradition and embrace opportunities that will position us for a bright future. As research and advancements continue to transform our teaching and learning processes, we also pride ourselves on an unchanging, timeless sense of faith and spirituality at the center of everything we do.

It is an exciting time for our school as we celebrate over 96% participation in fine arts, sports, and co-curricular activities, over 95% of our graduates entering four-year colleges and universities (compared with the 64% state average, 44% national average), the only K-12 Project Lead the Way STEM program in the area, a state-of-the-art high school, and an institution filled with staff and students focused on academic and character development with faith at the center. We celebrate our solid foundation while boldly envisioning our future. I shared with various audiences this week my benchmarks toward vision fulfillment. The manifestation of these benchmarks will indicate that we are heading in the right direction as staff, faculty, students, and parents in one community supporting the mission of Rochester Catholic Schools:

  • Great schools capitalize on moments. Instead of letting monotony or avoidance take over, they recognize and capitalize on moments that will change lives.
  • Great schools know their history, and never stop trying to make history. They are proud of their legends, but boldly envision a new future and embrace change to realize new potential.
  • Great schools work when nobody is watching. Teachers, and staff do not report to work; they are called to a vocation and, inspired by this vocation, their primary focus is helping to improve the school through their various roles and capacities.
  • Great schools think big. They engage in research, comparative studies with other schools, and introspective thinking in order to challenge status-quo and entertain the feasibility of bold initiatives for improvement.
  • Great schools work for a power greater than themselves. They have a strong sense of community and vibrant faith in God; instead of inspecting job descriptions or tracking hours, they work to fulfill a mission.
  • Great schools are closers. They finish the academic year strong; they follow-through; they show up for students, family, and colleagues.
I pray that we can close this and every other week strong--in scholarly pursuits, our representation of the Catholic faith and Franciscan charism, in our team and ensemble work to form well-rounded, passionate students, and in our continued efforts to build and strengthen our unique community.

Please visit our website often, take note of our events, and connect with our community. Thank you for your support and partnership.

Sincerely in Our Lady of Lourdes,
Paul Menard