Lourdes High School

Onward Lourdes, Onward Lourdes

Step up get in line

Put the ball across the goal line

Scores light up each time- DO RAH RAH

Onward Lourdes, Onward Lourdes

Fight 'em for your fame

Fight Eagles Fight

And we will win this game!


Lourdes Eagles, Lourdes Eagles, Lourdes Eagles


Eagle Pride

Lourdes High School (LHS) has enjoyed many years of success on the athletic field. This success is driven by the pride of our students, parents, coaches, fans and alumni. Eagle pride is measured by the commitment and respect that we have for one another and for our opponents, our dedication to training and preparation, and our commitment to be positive representatives of Lourdes High School. As Lourdes Eagles, we aspire to model dignity, display character, and carry on the winning tradition of those who have gone before us.

Lourdes Eagle pride is ALIVE!!! Please check out our athletic accomplishments in the next few pages.