Lourdes High School Senior Retreat
Lourdes High School Senior Retreat

At Lourdes High School (LHS), we recognize the importance and impact of the spiritual retreat. Jesus himself modeled the importance of drawing away from the crowds for a time of rest, renewal, meditation and prayer. There is a gentle "power" in the retreat setting. It enables us to listen and speak with God, to be still, and to open our hearts to the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit and to one another.

At LHS, we have been blessed with the opportunity to provide a unique annual retreat experience for our graduating seniors. This retreat is called Kairos - Greek for "God's time.” Students explore how God’s presence can bring peace to their spirits even among all the distractions and difficulties of life. Kairos awakens and deepens a love for Jesus Christ and provides a meaningful encounter with Him in the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. Through personal and communal prayer as well as faith sharing, students come to know God more intimately.
This three day, three night gender specific retreat takes place at Villa Maria in Frontenac, Minnesota.  Girl's Kairos takes place in the fall and boys Kairos in the spring.

Every Lourdes High School class experiences an off-site retreat for an entire day. We believe the retreat days are an important aspect of building young people’s faith, and spirituality. The retreat days enrich young people’s lives and are an important element of the mission of Lourdes High School. These retreat days are listed in the Campus Ministry schedule for the year.

In addition to the Kairos senior retreat, LHS also offers the following retreat opportunities for our students. 

  • Freshmen - Respect Retreat - Character Development, Journey of a Respectful Heart
  • Sophomores - The Beauty Retreat, From Mask to Mirror - Girls Retreat, Journey of the Inner Heart
  • Sophomores - The Transforming Power of Courage - Boys Retreat, Journey of a Wise Heart      
  • Juniors - Service and Outreach - Journey of a Serving Heart      
  • Seniors - Companions on the Journey - Journey of a Grateful Heart
  • Senior Additional Retreat- Kairos