Policies & Procedures

St. John the Evangelist/St. Pius X School family handbook is coming soon!  

Athletic Early Dismissal/Appointment Policy

Students must submit a note signed by a parent/guardian in order to be released from school early for school sanctioned activities or athletic events as well as any outside appointments that occur during the school day. This note must indicate the date(s) the student will be absent and with whom the child may ride off campus. The note may be valid for an entire season if all requisite information is provided. Students must record the information in their planner and have their teacher sign the designated space in order to be dismissed from their classroom. Students will be dismissed no earlier than 25 minutes prior to bus departure times at Lourdes High School.

Snack Policy Grades 3-8

St. John the Evangelist/St. Pius X School will not allow snacks in the classroom after second grade. We encourage students to eat a balanced breakfast and drink water between meals. This practice will adequately hydrate the body and curb the appetite. While it may be difficult for a child to recognize the importance of eating breakfast, a most important meal, this is a habit best learned young while the brain is still developing and habits are being formed to prepare the student for secondary and post-secondary routines.

Birthday Treat Policy

St. John the Evangelist/St. Pius X School will no longer allow classroom birthday treats to be brought in from home or outside vendors. There are many ways to celebrate a birthday. We have chosen to prohibit birthday treats or mementos at the classroom level brought in by the student. Among a myriad of reasons, this will reduce distraction and lost class time, potential exposure to a food allergy, allow us to focus on the children with the birthday instead of the treat provided, and more. To focus on the celebration of the child’s birth, we will acknowledge birthdays monthly; the entire student body will receive a treat approved by and served through food services near the end of each month.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is vital for success in school; it is also a federal and state mandate. Please be advised that a student who misses three (3) or more days is required to submit a doctor’s note and the family may be asked to come into school for a re-entry staffing to discuss any homework missed and plans to get the student current on assignments and content. We look forward to working with families in order to help our students realize their full potential. 
Tardies (per course):

1 tardy results in notifying the student that s/he was tardy.
2 tardies results in notifying the student and family of a second tardy.
3 tardies results in a detention, an automatic tier 3 response. Detention is served Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:45-8:45am.

- Subsequent tardies results in automatic tiered responses (tier 4 = meeting with administration and Behavioral Action Plan, tier 5 = Level 1 Suspension and Behavioral Contract, tier 6 = Level 2 Suspension, tier 7 = Motion to Dismiss.

Students must have written or verbal permission to be absent from all or part of a class.

Permission is granted when a legitimate reason exists. Teachers have the right to refuse permission if an event or reason is determined to be unsuitable. (Examples of acceptable reasons are student appointment/illness noted by parent, liturgy practice, concert rehearsal, service projects, and functions of this nature.)

Students who need to leave school for specific appointments will meet their parent/guardian in the school office at a designated time. Students will not be released without written, email or phoned permission. Students will not be allowed to exit the building without a parent or appointed transporter escorting them out of the building. If the student will be leaving with someone other than the parent/guardian, a written permission or email must be sent with the student, with the name of the person who will be picking them up. When students return from appointments, they should report to the office and receive a pass to admit them to their class.

Students who are absent from school for three (3) or more consecutive days for health reasons must return with a doctor’s note indicating the reason for the absence. The student and parent/guardian must meet with an administrator prior to their first class to help support reentry into the classroom. Students who are absent for more than ten (10) days in one semester will be asked to produce a doctor’s note indicating a chronic health complication.

An unexcused absence, or arrival to class more than 10 minutes after it begins, will result in tier 2 or tier 3 of the Behavioral Response System. Continued absences will result in a referral to the counselor and/or Olmsted County Juvenile Division as per truancy law. 

Cell Phones

Cell phones are to be off from 8:45 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and stowed in a student’s locker during the school day (8:45 a.m. - 3:37 p.m.). Should you need to contact your child in an emergency, please call the main office. We are able to radio (through PA and hand-held walkie talkies) and/or call all staff in the building in a matter of seconds. Thank you for helping our students by sharing a consistent message. 

Dress Code

Parents are strongly encouraged to examine their student’s attire prior to entering the school building. While our uniform policy is fairly straight-forward, words like “skirt” and “non-logo shirt or sweater” can leave room for differing opinions. If you are aware of what your child is wearing (both on the outer layer and something they may be concealing until they can display it at school), then conversations can be much more productive. From time to time we may ask a student to change their attire to be more compliant with the dress code; we will do this as gently as possible unless it is clearly an act of defiance. In cases where the dress code is egregiously ignored or we do not have the inventory to accommodate corrections, you may be asked to escort your child home to change. Thank you in advance for helping us be consistent and foster an environment conducive to learning. 

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